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Tome of Power

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However, there will very soon be a way to have the genuine Heretic weapons in Doom, as long as you use Zdoom. Because Randy has made it so that his EXE supports Doom, Heretic and Hexen (Hexen not complete) it will be possible with a bit of cunning to get Heretic weapons into Doom.

All you will have to do is iclude all the Graphics and sounds for the weapons, and modify SNDINFO to allow the Heretic sounds to be used in a Doom game. In fact this can already be done. What cannot be done with the current version is use a script to spawn the items, so you are limited to "summoning" them from the console. The scripting fuction will be in place for the release version. Then you will be able to put map spots on the map using your editor, and summon the items at those spots. The tome of power can also be summoned, and will power up the Heretic weapons. The same method can be used to bring Heretic and Hexen monsters and items into a Doom game (and vice versa).

A couple of things that will not work:

Because you are playing Doom, the status bar has nowhere to show the ammo levels for the Heretic weapons (so you are operating blind with them as far as how much ammo you have).

Similarly, the tome will not appear at the top of the screen to indicate that it is active, even if you include the graphics for it.

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Oh yeah, and one more related problem. Because your game will be using the Doom status bar, there will be no inventory bar, so if you bring in (and pick up) a few Heretic items that normally sit in the inventory, you can cycle through them using the normal keys, but you cannot see what you are doing.

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