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Guest Terrordude

So there will be a new doom He

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Guest Terrordude

So there will be a new doom he

First off al sorry for myn broken englisch !!!
1. My first reaction Ohhhh Yes (but that was a lots off
month's a go.) I'm a really Id'freak !!!
2. The doommovie looks really cool( but also that was a few months a go !!!)
3. When ID will come out whith offical news and pictures off in the game ??? !!! AAHHHH I really wanne see them.
4. I think I must have to buy a new pc but I WILL DO IT for them
i wan to run it really nice
5. The sound , It must be creappy and scarry
6. Gore in the game (real gore, oke not to mutch gore but real gore)
7. It will not be easy to rebuild the monsters into the new game
but there must also be new monsters into it.
8. The day doom 3 will come out ??? Well i'don't think about it
but I look out to it ( I hope the beginning off next year).
9. I wanna also knew a few details about the enigine of it..
10.The story (the marine guy against evil)
11.The plase to be in the game Mars or the moon or heeee Id find out a new dam planet to fight on !!!
12. I hope on the screen 20 monsters and + but he quake 1,2,3 are great so it would be a detail.
13. the guns in the game (I hope on a dubble shotgun thats my favorite)
14. The movies, whell we will see about that.
15. How many levels into it, Whell at least about 30 that should be the minimum, but i want more , more, more what do you guys think about 50 hey !!!!
16. But time will bring answars (or something like that)
17. ID KEEP ON GOING !!!!!
greetzz to ya all

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1. Same here
2. Well that's the understatement of the century, but yes
3. Lord (read: Carmack) only knows
4. You'll be needing a decent processor, 128Mb RAM and a 64Mb video card to run it 'nicely'
5. I think you mean creepy and scary. And you're right.
6. Hmmmm-mmmmm
7. New monsters ? Interesting...
8. I think it'll be more towards mid/late 2002
9. Well at this very moment our in-house Little Carmack, Zaldron, is finishing up an article about the technical aspects of Doom3. It'll be available on my homepage real soon
10. Ummmm.... yess.... ?
11. It is going to be set on Mars and/or its moons
12. With very advanced LOD, maybe, but I don't think we'll see shitloads of monsters on-screen
13. Indeedio
14. What movies ?
15. FIFTY highly detailed maps ? I know what it's like being a mapper, and I can tell you that's NOT going to happen
16. your_statement=true;

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<< 11. It is going to be set on Mars and/or its moons >>

Erm, how do you know this?

<< 14. What movies ? >>

I think he's talking about cutscenes.

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