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Lord FlatHead

Site hosted by Doomcenter

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I can imagine some of you are getting tired of me and my crap homepage already, so I'll make this brief.

My homepage is now hosted at the adress you'll find in my sig. I've cut the more general Doom 3 things like Screenshots and my FAQ, because that would be competition for Doomcenter itself. For the moment I'm just concentrating on Articles and other fan written stuff, and this is where you come in.

If you feel you can write something intresting related to the new Doom game, by all means contact me. Wether it's a serious technical article like Zaldron's, or a gameplay issue like deadnail's article about the weapons, fire away. Things like fan fiction and poetry, too.

Basically, if you have a good idea and feel it would get lost in the sea of crap in the forums, take the time to write it down and contact me - I'll be glad to give your thoughts a permanent home.

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I should never tire of a site with as many interesting and insightful articles as yours ...

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Zaldron said:

I smell sarcasm...

No dammit, I really enjoyed that Doom tech article, for one.

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