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Guest Zchingo

In this day and age..........................

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Guest Zchingo

Just a simple question. Would $4000 (American) be enough to custom order a computer with the MAX specs for the new game?

Sorry, I'm not good with money and its worth.

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Max specs? Most likely, no. But you can get a computer that will run it pretty well. I suggest you wait till Doom 3
s release is closer, you will be able to get a better system for your $4000.

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Guest LorD_BaZTArD

A few Minutes Ago I replied to a similar question in a different post, Being As I am an Australian, I can Buy A state of the art Computer for $5000 Dollars, In American Money, thats only $2000!
Of Course I don't know about what the prices are like over there but they SHOULD be similar, So theoretically You Can Spend $4000US for a Top of the line PC. That Will Run Doom3.

Mind You, A P3 900, 256MB Ram and a Geforce 256 should run Doom 3 Quite Easily. (That Being Best for games) On Today's Standards that Makes Sense, but in 1Year that Could be A Budget Super Cheap Can't do anything Deal.

BUT. We WILL have to wait and see.

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That's enough to buy a GeForce3 right now, altough I don't recommend it.

Save at least $1500 for Q2/3 2002. A Kiro3 or whatever Nvidia pulls out after the GF3 MX.

The key aspect is the graphics card. There's a bar between the GF3 and the GF2, GF2 and below are useless for this game. Useless.

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Zchingo said:

In this day and age.........................................

......................................People tend to use a lot of periods at the end of unfinished phrases.

$4,000 should cover the system and good 21" monitor, no problem.

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Case $100
Motherboard $200
Processor $175
Ram $300
Video Card $400
Sound Card $100
Harddrive $200
DVD Drive $50
Monitor $200 (for 19) $400 (for 21)

That's notably under two grand, bucko. Assuming you order the parts yourself and pay no more than those outlined you will have a shitload of cash leftover, which you should probably invest in a Sony surround sound decoder for your sound card and some really bitchin' speakers.

You can get a Gigahertz 266FSB Thunderbird Athlon for unde $200 (the chip itself), so all of those prices should lean you to afford some very top-of-the-line equipment.

Remember, when you buy name-brand systems you're really paying for a bunch of bullshit that you will never ever need. Stay the fuck away from Gateway and Compaq, whatever you do! I've only heard good about Dell, though...

If you simply can't put together a system for yourself, then try one of these two sites:

Either of them can let you virtually customize a PC any way you wish and give you a total on the price! I'm sure you can find something quite satisfactory for under four grand.

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id sugest saving it until doom3 comes out.b then all ne stuff more than capabe of handling the game will be out. and besides, the stuff now will be incredibly cheap by hen. in 3 months expect thegeforce 3 to drop under 300 or less, becaseuundoubtably a new card wil coem ot. several actually. you can get a 40 gig harddrve for 80 bucks, last year it was 200. in 2 years youll be able to buy the top of the line system right now for under 1000, thats a garranty (no garranty on that) did i spell tht wrong?

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