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Guest blood donor

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Guest blood donor

I havent been back to this site in a little while so if i post anything thats been posted before....:(
A quick unimportant post

1. I think that perfect dark had some exelent weapons, like the laptop gun that you can stick to wall and use it as a remote gun turrent, or the FarSight XR-20 which alows you to see and shoot through walls by detecting the enimies bodyheat.

2. Turok 2's cerebal bore, drill through the head. Nuff said.

3. Should DooM 3 include a sniper rifel?

4. Should some weapons have more than one type of ammo like (more) explosive shotgun shells for close range and a different type for slightly longer distances? (this could also effect how much damage it does to the enimies so one type might work better than the other.)

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1. Perfect Dark was completly boring and the hit detection was horrible. I quit that game after shooting someone in the ankle and he grabbed his throat and died. That and the absolutely HORRIBLE clipping. Besides, what the hell would those weapons be doing in a military facility 750 years from now? Antiques.

2. The cerebral bore is a pretty kickass weapon, I must admit... but it homes in on brainwaves. Do demons or zombies have brainwaves?

3. Hell no.

4. Yeah, we've talked about this option for over a year. For simplicities sake there shouldn't be TONS of ammo types, preferably two per weapon.

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1.i have never played perfect dark...from what i hear it sounds really stupid so i dont really have a need to play it if it is stupid

2.cerebral bore was a cool weapon indeed but it just doesnt fit in doom...

3.if doom 3 has a sniper rifle i will seek out the people out who thought of putting that weapon in the game, and shoot them down WITH a sniper rifle...

4.yes if it makes sense

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1. Never heard
2. Cool weapon, but Nuke's better
3. Hell no
4. No, if it does it will spoil the "absolutesness" of the game.

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1. I like the remote gun turret idea, though I'm not really sure of how much use it would be in Doom.

2. No. This is Doom, not brain surgery.

3. Since the game will probably be set in pretty confined indoor spaces, this wouldn't be very useful. If id include a few Team Arena-style huge environments, it could be cool as long as it doesn't have too large an impact on the feel of the game.

4. Oh yes.

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Tetzlaff said:

1. Laptop? Turret? No.

2. Sounds like headache...

3. No.

4. Yes.

1. no

2. no

3. no

4. no

5. no

6. no

7. no

8. no

9. no

10. no

11. no

12. no

13. no

14. no

15. no

16. no

17. no

18. no

19. no

20. no

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