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/me thinks once more

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I was wondering-what is the SKY in Doom3 going to look like? Will it be one of those flat, 2D, images like in Doom/Doom2? Or will it be full 3D, kind of like in Quake? I personally like Heretic's E1 sky for some reason-I just like cloudy skies in shooters. If the sky in D3 is like Quake's, I hope id realizes that the sky is not a tangible thing. Remember how you could fire a rocket at the sky and when it "hit" the sky, it would explode? That was gay, as well as ridiculous. I want a sky that has racing clouds and lightning. I would love to see a red sky with black clouds racing across it, especially in the Hell-themed level. For the Earth levels(if there are any, that is) I would like to see the "brown, cloudy, polluted sky" from Doom2, only in 3D. That'd be nice. I'd also like to see the "burning city" background. With the power of the GeForce3, the skies of D3 would look amazing. What do you guys think?

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Quake ? Full 3D ? HA ! Actually Quake used a very cheap way of creating depth: it scrolled two semi-transparent textures over each other.

Quake 2 had skyboxes (6 image files, one for each side of the box), and in Quake3 you could do all kinds of weird shit with the shader files.

I'm guessing Doom3 will feature more complex skyboxes, with multiple levels of depth, clouds, etc for cool effects. And maybe a sky portal texture or two, like the swirling skies in Alice.

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Define the sky...............

In Doom2: It was a texture on a lineDef.
In Quake: It was an animated texture on a brush
In Quake2: It was a skybox. Which is basically
-----------6 textures on a large cube surrounding the level.
-----------Same With Half-Life, Heretic 2 and so-on.
In Quake3: I think they used a skysphere. Which is one animated ------------texture in a sphere around the level.
-----------Same With IGI.

Weather effects have nothing to do with the sky.
They are normally entities placed under the skies
set to run at random intervals. Except Fog, which
can now be placed anywhere in a level.

Weather is nothing, which is why it has no effect on a level
unless the level already has weathered surfaces.

Now that could be good...Rain that floods tunnels, create a puddle where a grenade landed.....Dirt that becomes mud...
Lightning that sets a tree on fire or plows the tree over, blocking your path.

However we are a long way from that especially considering that landscapes are brushes with a picture pasted on and explosions are just decals.

The tree thing can be done by making it a door that opens and never closes, that is activatable by an explosive brush, which is triggered by the player when he steps at a certain place, triggering the entity that is the lighting effect. The Explosion is set to activate when the lightning effect finishes. It then operates the door, when done well it looks gooood, but it ain't weather.

Also you said Geforce3 skys could be amazing...... an old card can do that...........With a skybox, animated sky texture and the weather entities up top. Hey presto you have instant but fake weather.

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I'm sure as hell that the sky will be in full 3D. If not, I hope them to be at least like the skies in Doom 64 (and orange skies please - I love them).

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