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Modem Play with Legacy v1.29???

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How can I play teh doomlegacy sourceport via modem?


Doom will never die!

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http://mrdoom.erie.net/mrdoom/server95.html (link is down right down but it should work later if the site's still there)

Basically you just add netbeui and ipx/spx micro$uck protocals in network in control panel. Tcp/ip is already there. Go to dial up networking. Under one of the pull down menus is server or set up server. Just set your comp to a dial up server and let a friend connect as if he was connecting to an isp. Then play some ipx or tcp games. For tcp you'll also have to specify certain ip addresses somewhere. Anyone know those ip addresses offhand?

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It might be best if you asked this on the Legacy forum:


It will also give you a chance to get in touch with other Legacy players, and get the latest version of Legacy.

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