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I need to play DM!!!!

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How do I find servers for doomserv/zdoom (IP addresses). I have never played DM on doom/doom2 and I have already tried csdoom do don't even go there (It does'nt work, I could get it to run and connect but never could play with other people because it would put me in a level where nobody was playing.)

PLEEEEAAASSSEEE help me to find either a list of people to play with or a list of servers that I can join

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What? csdlauncher.exe gives you a list of servers, telling you your ping and the number of players that are presently in each server. You are to select the server (click on it once, it'll highlight). Have you been using the launcher? Read the csdoom FAQ (http://www.newdoom.com/slayer/) if you are not sure how it all works.

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