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Hello Doomers,
I think I have to tell you now something! So... here are the

1. About the Project
2. Your help
3. Answers + Questions
4. Important Information

The project is based on Skulltag (on the final release, when its out), just a bit modified because of the levellumpnames and the mainwad commands!
Well, the WAD includes a lot of new Textures! All from Quake 2 and I like these one :-)
There will be also a bunch of CTF Levels (also a CTF modus .-) and surely a huge amount of coo┬┤l DEATHMATCH maps created for BOT MATCHES and also for HUMAN AGAINST HUMAN MATCHES.
Also the MOD uses all the features which are supported by ZDOOM 1.22 (Skulltag also uses 1.22 as I know).
A cool Addition will be the .S3M (Scream Tracker Modul) Music which is very cool!

Hey, we need still help in Leveldesigning and in Artwork (only Titlepics,Consbacks,Interpics,etc.) so if you are skilled in such a cathegory, tell us immediatly!
When you are a skilled Leveldesigner/Artworker, send us something from you/your work, so we have a preview about what us awaits!

If you have Questions, enter our Forum on our page an be free to ask what you want to know about the project! Also tell us, what you would like to see in the Final Version and what not, so we can create a WAD, which YOU like and not only we!

Our Homepage URLs:
(it's possible, that on some browser one of the links above doesn't work so here are all links!)

Contact me!

...and thanks for reading this :-)
Fresh Perforated Entrails ar at "www.perfent.de.vu"

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Hmm, guess ill ahve to dust off my street sweeper (cleans road surfaces). Hafta clean off all those new perforated entrails.

Hey, in the case you haven't totally closed yourself off from me, I will assist in titelpic/interpic/whatever pic if they have outdoor scenes to them (I can give you a good background to put things onto)

Hows about a hellish-red sky with jagged mountains in the background?

Note: these would be created in "Bryce 2" and post-production to reduce them to 320x200 (+color rearrangements)

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Hey, It would be great, but I don't know anything about Bryce 2 and so you should post me a little preview...


...then I will see if it useful for us or not!

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