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How do I get bots working in zdoom?

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Ok, your thinking dumb question right?

I have zdoom v1.22, and want to get the cajun bot that came with it to work (I want to start having botmatches that are better than edge's bots).

There is some command like "addbot" or something, but when I type the name of the bot with it, it doesn't find it. The cajun bot is in a subdirectory called "bots" and putting it in the main directory doesn't help (previous suggestion from someone else).

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the directory structure should be (hope this works...)
zdoom-> zcajun-> bots.cfg
i think that you forgot to put the z in zcajun ;)

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Guest Solid Water

hmmm.. i didnt quite understand that but im guessing you should do this-

run zdoom in whatever way you do, put up newgame , specify deathmatch if thats what you want.. then bring up the console "`"
and type in addbot and a bot will join in the game... oh ya.. ZDoom rules all!

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