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ROM editing

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Thats it. I fianlly finished. I have made my own 4-bit video game system. It has two paddles, and bares resemblance to the Atar-2600 or the Intellevision. Where does DooM come in here?
Here: I need to find a ROM editing program that allows you to make your own ROMs/games. Why? Becuase I have no games for my system, and I want to port DooM over to it. Yes, the graphics will suck, but its gonna rock!
It will have four weapons: Shotgun, Chaingun, Rocketluancher, BFG. It will have one level{most 4-bit games do}. And it will have one monster {DooM marine.} Why one monster/level?
#1: So it will fit on the 8-bit cartridge that i'll port it to.
#2: It will be two player deathmatch!!!
So please, if you find a ROM editing program, PLEASE PLEASE tell me!!! Thank you VERY VERY much, -Jeremy

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