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Sorry for posting my message in the forum section, but when i send a new by email, i receive a email that said some "blabla" with :
This is the mail transport agent at bouncemessage.net.
This message could not be delivered.

This mailbox has exceeded their disk quota.


I have just update my page about ZD3K.
The version 3 is still in slow works but just to check on the news page to knows with these pictures what ZD3K looks like now under his new levels, monsters, weapons and textures shapes.

A new weapons is added now. The ASSAULT RIFLE will replace the
old AUTO SHOTGUN that has changed the CHAINGUN in the version
1 and 2.

A new monster that change the Baron Of Hell to a Cyborg.

New midi music was created by me using a midi software. These midi look like Heavy Metal DOOM & Military ...

And for texture, i'm using all Quake1, Quake2, Quake3, Half-Life, Hexen, Heretic and my own creation to make a better effect to the games.

Thanks a lot ! :)
X-DOOM : Jean-Fran├žois Thibault
Web page : http://members.nbci.com/mega64
Email : x-doom@caramail.com
ICQ : 43100823

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