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Guest kevingpo

Doom Arena VS DoomLand

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Guest kevingpo

Please could someone (witb a Pentium1 233MMX or above) beta test Doom2D. No, it's not a platformer nor a side-on view game. It's something hardly no one has done before in birds-eye view.

If you've played Contra (alien wars) then you'll know what I mean (esp. level 2 and level 4).

Please download the D2D.zip and beta test it for me. The controls are [CURSOR-ARROWS,R-CTRL:shoot,R-ALT:strafe] for player 2 and [W,S,A,D,L-CTRL:shoot,L-ALT:strafe] for player 1. Also, key numbers [0-9] are weapon selection for player 1, whilst numpad key numbers [0-9] for player 2. You need to pick up the ammo and weapons first, but you do start with a pistol. The only thing you have to watch out for is rate-of-fire hasn't been implemented which means double-barrel shotgun (or BFG) rapid fires!

Ignore the first 3 pictures on the site, those were old Doom2d. The next 3 pictures are what you're looking for. Look at those strafing plasmas splashing against the wall <hmmmmmm>

PS: you need Windows 95> and at least DirectX 6

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