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Clan battle Chronic v DS

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http://doomserv2000.com/theclan /

Well after a long 4 day battle...we prevailed over Chronic yipeee!! It was a close battle, Chronic was in the lead most of the way, but that meant nothin in the end, hence the large gray font above =). Good job Rangers! You kicked ass!! And as for Chronic ....well .....perhaps another time . once again good job to all of you: N.C. Fod Esox

N.C. "I'll just say like the salad man himself: Veni, vidi, vici. Well played Clan DS, and thanks to Clan Chronic for providing us with some high quality fragbait."

Fod "i spent a week eating raw meat and urinating over my hands to toughen mouse fingers up"

Esox "ya what he said"

Charlotte "oops sorry was that another frag?, im just exploring =)"

btw good show Slug ,bone...sigh Ganja..........Neeexxxtt!!


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Guest s999cop

Great job , Nc , fod , and esox ! YOu Guys are great !

WEll, I am learning to be as good as you guys. Keep going men !

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Chronic got whooped! Its IV's turn now.

Thats IV's turn to crush Chronic, not IV's turn to get crushed by DS.

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