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This forum is getting quiet

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To start things off
X-Doom your sig says "never been beaten in deathmatch" but every time I have seen you in a csdoom game and played Whoopass on you, you hide with bfg at a respawn spot, (not a sign of a good player-but that's your choice) and I hunt you down and still fragass you, when it gets to something like "Fod_DS 40 X-Doom 12" you exit server, is this your way of ensuring you are not beaten?

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Heh. Let the jap-slapping fight begin. Only there are no japs ;)

Actually, I have NEVER been beaten on Doom Deathmatch. Mainly because I've only played vs bots or on playstation.

PSX deathmatchers are so hard to find. And lame when you do.
Bots like to get too close (SSG anyone?) and are, again, generally lame.
And I don't have a modem, I'm posting from a friend's computer.

If I played, say CSDoom, I think it would be a different story ;)

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Guest cacoman

psx doom dosint that need a link cable and a tone of other crap to make it run like 2 tv's 2 playstations and two games wow thats a lot of stuff francly i like computer doom its beter and all

and wow this forum is very silent only 300 and some posts

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dont tell me you just figured out this was a quiet forum...

thats why it only has 380 posts instead of 10000...

ive never even been in here before!!! thats sad.

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People visit this forum?

I haven't been here in months.

That's probably why.

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