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Guest sfole

Help about serial game

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Guest sfole

Hi everyone!
It's about two weeks i've been playing Doom II with a serial cable and i find it really amazing..Everytime i want to play i use the sersetup utility and i choose the various options and, in particular, the number of the map i want to play. Now i have a few question:

1- Many maps in my opinion are too wide to play 1 vs 1 (i like the map #7 because it's simple and not big so you can really deathmatch!!): where can i find maps made for deathmatch and how do i install them for playing trough a serial cable ?

2- What's the difference between deathmatch and deathmatch 2.0 ?
(i have to choose this options in the sersetup utility)

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wads are available in many places http://www.rarefiles.bizland.com
http://doomserv2000.com/theclan wads section
cdrom.com has hundreds
deathmatch 2 means the weapons disappear and respawn when taken, with normal deathmatch weapons stay but can only be collected once per life

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