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Recording Multi.

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I played someone several months ago on csdoom. He wanted to know how to record, though now i have forgetten his email and name. So, if you read this, here, i think, is how you may be able to record. If i'm wrong, someone, please correct me. pull down ur console and type

zdoom-record<demo name>-maxdemo<some #>

If this fails to work, try using it w/o zdoom, or put a space btwn > and - where it sais <demo name>-max... if it still doesn't work, put a space btwn record and <demo... and btwn maxdemo and <some...

If anyone has more accurate info, please post it so this long forgotten inquirer and I are not left in the dark, or rather, the abyss of hell and cyberdemons. Thanks

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