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Guest TheCyanideX

My Name Is Being Ripped OFF!!

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Guest TheCyanideX

This is sort of non-Doom-related, but I'm gonna tell it anyways.
The other day I decided to play a lil Quake online. I also use the name "TheCyanideX". There's a server-tracking board site called www.clq.com which I guess tracks down Gamespy game servers and will list anyone who plays on a particluar server's name and frags, etc. Ok so I go and check mine out and I find out that I happen to be the only user with the name TheCyanideX. Great I thought, cool I am the origional..... and so I thought. it turns out that after that, a bunch of morons I must of played against, started using my name in several ways like "ThecyanideXsucksmydick" and "IdidcyanideXsmomma". Lol, if you go to that site, I think you might be able to find those losers.
Well just for the recorded, I am the origional Cyanide-X. That name bares alot of issues and a big history. I'll tell that tale some other time. I thought I'd share my li dilema with everyone. Outty 5K.....bang bang!!

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