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Guest lazy oldman

zcajun bots? etc

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Guest lazy oldman

Hi, I've just d/led some bots for zdoom, i've been playing about with zcajun and doombot, they're both really cool and i love them!!! Only...

doombot whoops my arse... and i couldn't see a way to change it so you don't get frag_god?!?! he killed me 40+ to 5 the others were much weaker!!

and zcajun, i can beat 2 to 1, i've tried changing the settings (aim, perfect, react, isp) as they're based on a 0 to 100 scale. But they don't do shit, and even when i use the exact same bots with the same settings on the same map, they come up differently!?!?! Does anyone under stand how this works??

So does anyone know how i can get bots that are somewhere in between, so they'll give me a decent game??


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