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I'm not too bright...

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Ok here goes. I downloaded doom2 ver 1.6. I look for the zips that i need to get it to 1.9. Somehow, i wound up with a patch that took the German version of doom2 v. 1.6 straight to 1.9. So i accidentally patch (or try patching) with that, and it fucks up. So i say, ok. start from scratch. I unzip the original doom2 ver. 1.6 files into a new dir, and proceed trying to use the regular patches that take you from 1.6 to 1.7a to 1.9.. but they don't work. i get an error in the patching process. says that it recognizes files of the same name, but that they are out of sync or some shit like that. basically, i'm looking for anyone out there that can "help" me out here. not sure what to do now.
thanks in advance

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Yeh you have the version dated which Id decided was a pirate, get the patch that works from here, http://www.fodders.btinternet.co.uk/wads/D2_16_19.ZIP read the readme, but i think it's something along lines of , "run "updgrade" patch you may get error
then run phase_1.bat this can take a while and even look as if its stuck , be patient
then run phase_2.bat
file size of doom2.wad at end should be 14,604,584 bytes"

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