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Basic Doom Builder 2 question on UDMF

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I am working on a Hexen wad. 3 episodes. Ep 1 is almost done.

However I hear there is this UDMF format that is handy, but I haven't found any information on how to produce such files or converting to them.

Doom Builder 2 itself does not seem to support it either if examining the Hexen related options in the drop down list. The only option that mentions UDMF is "ZDoom (Doom in UDMF format)" which is not of interest.

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I'm mapping for ZDoom Hexen. I need it for decorate support. I use some of my own keys and puzzle items.

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The easiest option would just be to upgrade to GZDoom Builder, which has Hexen in UDMF format by default.

If you want to stick to DB2 for whatever reason, though, look through the Doom Builder 2 folder and find the config files. Shouldn't be to difficult to Frankenstein the Hexen game files and the UDMF format files.

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