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The Doom Aesthetic Pack (Resource WAD)

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I figured there should be a WAD that gathers many official assets into one place, as well as fixes some existing textures. I want it to be an all-around useful asset pack for both players and mappers.

Includes my own fork of Revenant100's sprite fixing project, alpha/beta textures, Romero leak stuff, console textures, some edited textures, etc.

Download it here.

I'm certainly open to collaboration, suggestions, criticisms of changes I've made, etc. Keep in mind this is a very early WIP and is more of a proof of concept. Still, take a look through it!

EDIT: I forgot to mention in the credit file that I took the 192 tall lift from CC4 tex too, but that's the only thing outside of the "fixed" textures from it. I dunno who the lift is by.

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