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Indoor concert fireworks kill at least 30 and burn more

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I felt a bit down lately, because 30 people were killed (and about 180 injured) at a rock concert last Friday (right before Halloween*), all because of sheer incompetence, greed and corruption. Just see the cause: fireworks fired indoors next to highly flammable materials, with no good fire prevention/escape plans and mechanisms. It's like a Final Destination killing. Obviously the inspectors were bribed to let this unsafe setup slide. Two of the performing band members are dead as well. Probably more patients will die or remain severely disfigured because of this. My relatives and close friends either escaped or didn't go there. I could have gone there; I even had plans to go to a concert in that venue later...

It's not the first time recently when people die because of incompetence in this country (people -- even medics themselves -- would be left stranded or drowning until their deaths before rescue could arrive). Probably it's common in poor, corrupt countries. Someone always has to die for things to improve... or not.

* I mentioned Halloween because it's funny how the religious nuts gather up on social media to make the heavy-metal/Halloween/satanism/death association.

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Clonehunter said:

Didn't something like this happen earlier this year already?

Yeah it's usually a twice a year thing. Sometimes indoors sometimes outdoors. My cousins fiance is a pyrotechnic specialist for bands and events. It's easy for something can go wrong.

The fact that the poster was going to go and didn't is a good thing. I hope the corrupt inspectors take a fall for endangerment more than bribery.

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Wow, that's messed up. Shows you how cold & dark it is out there. They probably thought nothing bad would happen, without proper safety precautions. The inspectors & whoever else responsible for this, should be promptly fired & sued for their incompetence in regards to everyone's safety.

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Every time someone doesn't wear a seatbelt they think nothing bad will happen. Safety first. Always. Fate is waiting for you.

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Well... This is some serious and sad news. Be happy that you arent a victim Printz so that it wont drag you down.

The group, which was launching its new album "Mantras of War" Friday, had performed a song titled "This is the Day We Die" from their latest CD before the fire broke out, witnesses at the club said.

This is a dark and saddening coincidence. No wonder some nutcases are jumping on the bandwagon against metal because of this sad event (as claimed by Printz).

Several major nightclub fires have been blamed on pyrotechnics igniting foam used for soundproofing, including The Station nightclub fire in the U.S. that killed 100 people in West Warwick, Rhode Island, in 2003 and the Kiss nightclub fire in Brazil, which killed 242 people in the university town of Santa Maria in 2013.

If it happened before then i wonder why nobody ever thought about redesigning the foam or the entire concept of indoor fireworks. But this certainly seems to be something which should be known and preventable by now.

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Well I think "inspector" is a specific word. I basically meant whoever is responsible authorizing public venues (the mayor office, the fire department etc.). I guess the club owners will be pursued but that's up to the justice :)

As for examples of religious ramblers, I wish I could give you some samples, but they're in Romanian :p

Clonehunter: where did that happen? In what country? Were there victims?

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I did my fire safety training at work recently, this was the second time I'd done it over five years or so and it was the same as the first time.

Both times the example video the instructor used to demonstrate public behaviour in fire was of a gig in a nightclub where fireworks were set off.

The most amazing thing, watching the amateur footage, and the thing he highlights, is for how long the set was on fire for after the inevitable happened, before anyone starts to think it might be a good to get out. It's burning for a full minute. Most people thought it was part of the act. Collectively, people have a sort of faith they would never have individually.

The next most amazing thing was how, when people tried to use the fire exit nearest the stage, the security wouldn't allow them to, because that was part of the backstage area. So that forced everyone to try and get back out through the main entrance. That had double doors that opened inwards, so as soon as people crammed to get out, the other door couldn't be opened...

The guy filming got out, but needless to say a lot of people died when it should have been avoidable.

This sadly looks to be a very similar incident, I would guess some of the same elements occurred here too.

What struck me was how quickly the situation changes. The fire instructor said you basically have two minutes to get out of any fire in a building, or into a protected part of a larger structure eg. skyscraper. All the design etc. is based on that principle. For the first full 60 seconds, no-one even reacted to that firework fire. And I have to admit, I would have thought it wasn't a big deal, I could put it out with an extinguisher. And yet just two minutes later, being in the room is not survivable.

Instructor finished that segment by saying to us, if you see fireworks at an indoor venue, even if they haven't been let off yet, just leave immediately.

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SavageCorona said:

Who decided fireworks were a good idea to let off indoors?

Any why would anyone set them off indoors in the first place?

I feel for you, printz.

dio said:

Every time someone doesn't wear a seatbelt they think nothing bad will happen. Safety first. Always. Fate is waiting for you.

This. I had to remind my dad everytime he forgets to wear them when we go out...

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