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Combat Redux (version 1.0.0 released!)

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Man I played this thing right after it was uploaded to /idgames and all I can say is I made it about 2 steps into Plutonia before my head exploded from a lead injection. Further playing on a few other maps wasn't too much better. I appreciate what you tried to do here, but from what I saw itd be much better if the nerfs and buffs you made were more moderate. A little more subtlety, you could say.

As it was then, I'd only use it to test easy mode on a map I'm building.

The worst offenders to me were:
Player speeds nerfed, monster speeds buffed. Together, with them being so drastic, was just too much. An excellent example is player vs cyberdemon.
Jump heights nerfed; wtf? Why? It's not Doom canon anyway; leave it the normal value.
Damage buffs across the board were just too much. I understand you went to buff armor to compensate, but that's just wrong. Keep them proportional or you'll break maps that don't fit the mold, which will be many.
Weapon kick was a bit much as well, though I say that with a grain of salt. It, and many other things here, wouldn't have been so bad if not in combination with everything else.
Headshots... I'm just not sure they should be able to be done against the player, or by the monsters, either or. I like the concept and could see a use in multiplayer, so perhaps just not done by the monsters then. Either that or reduce the multiplier on the additional damage buff of the headshot on top of the already existing across-the-board damage buff... You see where I'm going with this. They're all good ideas, but the problems compound on top of one another and make this thing extremely punnishing to play with.

There were prolly other thoughts I had on it when I had freshly played it. You can see the thoughts I had on it over at Doom Wad Station in the "This Week in Doom" article for that week. Hope this helps!

To Gustavo below this post:
I just started, hope to do good for Brad as well as the rest of the community. It's time-consuming as Hell, but I enjoy it.

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Thank you for your feedback Glaice, Gustavo6046, and especially Fonze for your detailed reply. I've got quite a few ideas about how to improve this mod now. Unfortunately real life demands will prevent me from acting on them immediately. Nevertheless I intend to revisit this mod in the future, and hopefully people will enjoy it more then :).

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The premise has merit however it might require the player's speed to be restored as well as the accuracy of hitscan enemies to be nerfed.

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