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NOVA demos [-complevel 2]

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I started on map 11 since cybie531 left off at 10. It's doing some weird shit on that map in Prboom+ I saw a yt vid of Veinen doing 11 in 3:05. He used Glboom on that demo. Well, I open the blue key door very early so I can clear the rest of the map waiting for the AV to appear. Only thing is, he doesn't unless I step deeper into the room again and some of the monsters he brings back are unkillable. My shots go right through them. Needless to say, I didn't come anywhere close to his time. I've wasted too much time on that map. Moving on.

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Whoa, almost two years since the last post. About time this thread got bumped! :D 

Note: These are for the 2015 version of NOVA.


Map 01 UV-Max in 0:54

Map 11 UV-Max in 2:50

Map 17 UV-Max in 14:17

Map 22 UV-Max in 4:51

Map 23 UV-Max in 6:16

Map 24 UV-Max in 9:41

Map 32 UV-Max in 3:35 <--- (-complevel 9)


Will certainly do some more demos for this.


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I've been busy.


Map 13 UV-Max in 6:53

Map 15 UV-Max in 7:47

Map 19 NoMo in 0:53

Map 20 UV-Max in 5:56

Map 20 NoMo in 1:21

Map 25 UV-Max in 9:46

Map 26 UV-Max in 6:20

Map 27 UV-Max in 2:48

Map 28 UV-Max in 16:39

Map 29 UV-Max in 2:56


Now every level has at least one NoMo demo to it, and only a couple of UV-Maxes to go, which I will do later.



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Pacifist run of Map31 (with monsters this time, not that is really matters though) in 1:35. I'm back to speedrunning! Yay...



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