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Spellcross ARENA (+32 Monster Pack) - V1.03 - Last Version Patch!

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Wad Requires HARDWARE (OPENGL), a semi-modern source port (Zandronum etc) and OPENGL's Adjust Spirit Clipping settings turned to "never".

Greetings Doomworld Forums.

My name is Paul, and this project is Spellcross Arena and Spellcross 35 Monster Pack

What is Spellcross?
Spellcross is a turn-based strategy released in 1997/1998, one of my favourite games ever, a battle between Modern-Military (Alliance) versus the Demons of Hell (Forces of Darkness/Other Side), it didn't sell much and not many people have heard of the game, but that didn't stop the game being great. Flawed, but great. I highly recommend the game if you love turn-based games.

I enquired the data from the game, from graphics to music, sound to unit control. And I thought why not use the resources to make a DOOM wad? I had plans to make a whole map-based adventure in the Spellcross world, but I don't have the time with the work on it, due to other unrelated projects taking my time. So instead, I want to give the community an arena and monster pack based on the Spellcross enemies for the community to play in and use with their wads. The Arena has randomly generated options for replayability and multiplayer access.

To bring this:

Into this:

This video is outdated, will be replaced by a newer video in good time

The project V1.0 was completed on Friday March 4th 2016. And would love people to try it as its my first official wad project, as my goal was to expand the community's custom monsters to use it their wads.
V1.01 completed 8th March
V1.02 completed 9th March
v1.03 completed 23rd September
v1.04 completed 27th February -> Current and Last Version

I hope one day to see these new monsters in various projects such as a Zdoom wars race, armageddon or/and mass-slaughtermaps monster type. Being ripped from another game you don't need my permission to use these monsters, and you can change what you like. Any credit would be generous. Sadly Realm667 declined the monsters due to the palette scheme, so someone else will have to update these monsters.

For now this is it. There are 5 monsters that didn't make the pack (Wolves, Wolf-Riders, Arachnoids, Arachnoid Queen and Breorn) and none of the Alliance units (exception General Alexander as player skin)
And here's whats including in this pack (in visual order par skin):

Magotar (spawn flying)
Magotar (spawn ground)
Shadow Magotar (spawn flying)
Shadow Magotar (spawn ground)
Dark Elf
Arrow Throwers
Ka-Orc Kommander
Mechanical Tower
Hell Riders
Anti-Tank Orcs
Sonic Cannon
Mechanical Mammoth
Kamikaze Birds
Fortress of Terror
Elven Master
Knights Of Death
Black Angels

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think.

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walter confalonieri said:

Oooh, this looks like a interesting project!

Good luck with the project!

First, for what port is this? I suppose zdoom and similar

If you want other sources check realm 667, it have a lots of stuff!

It's being made for Zandronum gameplay. I intend multiplayer to be a thing with this if things go well. Plenty of forces of darkness to be slaughtered.

Thanks, but all the resources will be ingame (and a few default dooms) but Realm can add the Spellcross units if they are interested in them afterwards

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Currently working on the basics. Light enemy packs attacks, how does it play like?
Things are going good, though texturing might take most of the time.

I was curious though, how many here have played Spellcross or know about it?

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I've been really excited this week with the work made... but I needed time to think about this project's future... and to be honest, I don't want to spend a year working on a whole wad. Not because I don't want to, I DO. But I have other projects that are more important and I want to reboot my career in animation. That's not to say this project is cancelled... ohhh no. Aiming for early 2016, this will now be a MONSTER PACK, allowing the resources of the Spellcross enemies to be used in any wad projects, from slaughtermaps/armageddon to a Zdoom wars race. I've updated the main page, and got a new video for you folks (sadly the terrain won't be included... unless people want it as a stand alone)

The video may need to be updated, I've been trying to solve the render issue all day, and I'm still not overhappy with the submission. But we see...

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The Ghosts are coming.

I've updated the monster list progress (the ghosts look great in motion!)
Just for general purposes, what wads usually add as many type of monster varieties for their gameplay? Since the project is just a monster pack now, I be interested in knowing if any of these units becomes useful to anyone.

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I'm back. Have a fun WIP screenshot.

I had a long break but I'm still working on this project. However I need help on a section. This part is optional but it be great if I could get it working.

When a Spellcross enemy dies, it leaves a flat-2D blood graphic on the ground. I'm trying to replicate this in DOOM, but currently unsuccessful. Some suggest using MODELDEF (I don't get involved in the 3d model side of wadding), and I've seen a flat blood effect on the ground in Brutal Doom, so it must be possible. Is there another way?

if anyone can suggest a way to make this possible it be a great addition to the project as currently there is no corpse after the death animation of these enemies.

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The Monster Pack collection as shown from left to right:

General Alexander (Alternate Player Skin)
Magnotar (+Flying Magnotar)
Dark Elf
Arrow Thrower
Harpy (Above)
Mechanical Tower
Balloon (Above)
Hell Rider
Anti-Tank Orc
Sonic Cannon
Mechanical Mammoth
Kamikaze Birds (Above)
Fortress of Terror
Dragon (Above)
Elven Master
Knights of Death
Black Angel (Above)

All the monsters are now inputted into the game. I'm currently doing further tests for all the units, some are still missing some effects and require time to complete. I'm aiming for a late February release, but can easily be completed earlier and/or later. Then the pack will be available for open testing with hopefully a working Test map and the details of the Monsters will also be revealed. I love to know what people would like to do with these. You are free to edit the data as you wish, recolour, rename, whatever. I would love credit for making this possible, but as long as they are used, that would make my day.

Sadly Arachnoids, Queen Arachnoids and Breorn could not be part of the final pack since I can't save the graphics used and won't work like Wolves and Wolf Riders. Kamikazee Birds and Dragons did get saved.

I'm really pleased with some of the monsters included, and I hope you enjoy them once released. Others still need more work compared to the rest, but they still be usable for the collection. Not long now!

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Are you saying that you created rotations, pain, attacks and death frames for all those monsters?!

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VGA said:

Are you saying that you created rotations, pain, attacks and death frames for all those monsters?!

Well ripped the graphics for them, but yes, for the most part.

There's rotations, sounds, missiles, attacks and special attacks. Only a few have no movement animations, but I've found a way to make them work.
There are death sequences but it's blood splatters. I'm hoping to leave a blood corpse of where it dies, but this is optional.
There's no pain animation, but the sound and frame A works, you hardly notice it.

You can see some examples of this in the Teaser video I have attached on the front page.

I will be release a testing-ground map to have a preview of each monster since the description won't be enough, you have to see for yourself. I hope to include the Spellcross music as a mini-jukebox, since I personally love it.

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It looks really weird when the big enemies explode into unbelievably thin clouds of small orange ashes, moreso that the enemies look tough and yet they EXPLODE TO GIBS when you shoot them to death with such a weak weapon as a chaingun, instead of just falling down.

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scifista42 said:

It looks really weird when the big enemies explode into unbelievably thin clouds of small orange ashes, moreso that the enemies look tough and yet they EXPLODE TO GIBS when you shoot them to death with such a weak weapon as a chaingun, instead of just falling down.

True, but a Cyberdemon being blown up a Pistol is similarly weird as well.

But seriously, I think the Spellcross Monsters have a lot to offer to extend the Custom Monster database both in gameplay and visuals. If the blood remains work, which will be in the final testing this would help a lot with this side of things, but I'm not expecting it to work at this stage.

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Ok I've cleared up the majority of the monsters and although it's not ready yet for open testing I will allow closed testers to try out these new monsters, give me a message or add me on Steam if you're interested, Id "Blackgaze".
The plan order for the next few weeks:

- Fix Missile Graphics
Right now, a lot of the Missile Graphics still need angle improvements due to the source they were ripped from. It require my full effort in the last weeks to complete as it can't be rushed in a few days and will be the main concentration of this work.

- Complete Blood Effects
Certain enemies DO leave behind blood graphics, but again WIP. Should be an easy fix and hoping to complete by tomorrow.

- Testing Arena
While the monsters can be loaded by console and placed in general maps, I would like to create a simple arena for players to test (think Psychophobia) so you can test 1 monster at a time, and hopefully create battle formations by mixing the enemies up. This is work in progress but won't be available for Closed Testers and they have the load the standard way.

- Slizoid troubles
While every monster is ready, Slizoid is not and is having too many bugs and might cause a delay in the project. While I can make a more simple version of what is planned, I would like to keep at the idea that I have for the monster. Every other idea has worked, so will this.

And of course various bugs and balancing improvements.

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Wad Requires HARDWARE (OPENGL) and a semi-modern source port (Zandronum etc)

After months and months the pack is finally out! More than that it's now a Randomly Generated Arena for you to try these new monsters out!
I'm so happy I finally got this done to show everyone. As you can tell I really love Spellcross and this is the best way I can think of it to share it with others, and I hope you enjoy it and make use of the new monsters. Of course you can always try the game itself too.

Let me know what you think here or at spiderhead @ hotmail .co .uk
I would've created a Poll for favourite monster, but max 10. Let me know here also.

If things go successful I may bring the "Alliance" side units to DOOM featuring Infantry, Tanks and Helicopters. Maybe even finish the uncompleted Other Side/Forces of Darkness monsters

Time to sit back now.

-EDIT- I've noticed "Adjust Spirit Clipping" is needed for OPENGL otherwise the monsters look weird. Are there any downsides to not having this as "never" to prevent this problem? My goal was not to force people to change their settings unless it was part of the wad.

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Spellcross Arena V1.01 Is now Out!
Download here:




V1.01 Patchnotes

Monster Balance

- Slizoid chance to duplicate improved from 8 to 18 via movement.
- Slizoids cannot duplicate by attacking anymore
- Slizoid prime now spawns two additional Slizoids instead of one.
- Slizoids can only spawn a maximum of 2 Slizoids, then they will die after the third one spawned. Slizoid-prime's 2 starting duplicates do not count.
- Reduced Mri's attack AOE range from 96 to 80
- Ghost's health reduced from 90 to 85.
- Conjurer's Missile damage reduced from 4 to 2
- Conjurer's Missile now deals 10 AoE damage in a 96 radius..
- Conjurer's cannot infight with other Conjurers
- Magotar (air) drop rate of Magotar (ground) increased

Map Changes

- Fixed forest-arena RNG spawner getting stuck at bottom-left corner (additional trees in bottom-left corner of the Forest Arena)
- Added 4x Pillars in top-arena.
- Added Switches to bottom arena to exit teleporters
- Added additional ammo for top arena (extended top)
- Shorter entrance to Forest Arena (for new Random Spawners)
- Added a step around the middle arena

General Fixes

- Fixed General Alexander's death sequence not being removed in multiplayer (Doomguy skin)
- Fixed Magotar (air) sometimes not spawning Magotar (ground) in multiplayer.
- Semi-Fixed Hell Rider and Demon (Spellcross) teleporting visual mistakes on multiplayer servers (This still has not been fixed in cases of attacks through blocked line of sight).
- Fixed a Hell Rider and Demon quick-movement bug.
- Fixed Mechanical Mammoth's attack explosion not being visible on Multiplayer.
- Fixed Mri's attack explosion not being visible on Multiplayer
- Fixed Kamikaze Bird movement stuttering on multiplayer.
- Improved spawning system for Mechanical Tower's Orcs, Conjurer's Kamikaze Birds, Nekromancer's Undead, Magician's Demons (Spellcross), Fortress of Terror's Anti-Tank Orcs and Magotar's (air) Magotar (ground).
- Cleaned up HellRider/Demon teleporting code in DECORATE.
- Added Big Blood corpse for Demon (Spellcross)
- Added Blood corpse for Hell Rider.

RNG system

- Magotars (air), Harpies, Balloons, Kamikaze Birds (non-summoned), Black Angels and Dragons spawn at a random height distance (arena-purposes only)
- Split "Random Monster" choice into three new options:

"Chaos Random Choice"
Spawns 1 Random Monster of any difficulty.
"Fixed Random Choice"
Spawns 1 Random Monster of higher chance easier difficulty.
"Veteran Random Choice"
Spawns 1 Random Monster of higher chance harder difficulty.

- War-Orc random chance increased by 2
- Demon (Spellcross) random chance increased by 1
- Magician random chance increased by 1
- Mri random chance increased by 1
- Harpy random chance increased by 1
- Dark Elf random chance increased by 1
- Golem random chance increased by 1
- Mechanical Tower random chance increased by 1
- Arrow Thrower random chance increased by 1
- Ballista random chance increased by 1
- Ka-Orc random chance increased by 1


- Updated read-me file
- Updated various DECORATE notes.
- There is a Sound-Bug from Sonic Cannon and Harpy's attack that has not been fixed
- Hell Rider and Demon (Spellcross) will require additional work to fix Teleport bug on multiplayer.

Although shared elsewhere and hosted online, I like to hear what people think from here. And i'm curious if anyone has any intentions to use any of these monsters for their own projects.

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After 6 months I'm back, and my last return also.

Spellcross Version 1.03 is out, and intended to be my last version, and 1.04 will be minor fixes if needed (including a current unfixable sound bug, and reduced Music File sizes if requested)


V1.02 never officially got posted, as V1.03 was already in the works many months ago, but this was left for so long since receive much feedback, and I have moved on to other things. This patch was needed as it fixed the major multiplayer bugs involving the teleporting monsters, and cleaned up a few other things along the way.

I hope for one last time for some people to make use of these, and I may even host the wad online from time to time. But for those who did have a look, you have my thanks and I leave you with the last of the updates. Any future extensions have been cancelled.

Enjoy V1.03! let me know what you think.

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