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Yuki Senmatsu

Brightmaps Tutorial

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I might as well do one myself. We're gonna do something called Brightmaps. OpenGL is required so it works with GZDoom and Zandronum.

What you need, SLADE 3 and a graphic editing program like Paint.net

Here's what you do. Have 2 sprites that are the same, but edit one of them by making them black, white, and grey. The darker the grey, the darker the glow is. We're gonna be focusing on black and white.

Brightmap -
Sprite -

Both names needs to be the same, but one of them needs to have BM which would be the Brightmap graphic. (BMSHOTA0)

Do not put the Brightmap graphic in the S_START or S_END markers or you will get errors.

Code for brightmap via GLDEFS. Pay attention to the name of the brightmap graphic:

Brightmap sprite SHOTA0

What disablefullbright does, it nullifies the BRIGHT State in DECORATE.

Thank you and I hope this was helpful :)

Omegalore over and out!

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