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Doomkid's Duel 2 (Beta, input needed!)

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Hey everyone, I've been working on some more 2-4 player DM turf and could use a little bit of feedback!

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rz2zq1c5ifs1bv5/shoes10.zip (10 maps)

The maps are 100% vanilla compatible. The themes vary from techbases, to brick-dungeons, to abstract "E2"-like maps.

Currently they are laid out for OS flags (item respawn and jumping OFF) however they should still be fairly balanced if you choose to turn item respawn/jumping on. Changes the flow and focus of the maps greatly, though.


Please let me know what you think, any critiques are happily welcomed.

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Awesome, thanks SC. Would be sweet if some others joined too, come get your frags people!

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Just played every levels with bots to figure out. Every levels fit to vanilla doom theme and has enjoyable layouts. Tested with OS Deathmatch dmflag.

MAP01: Simple MAP01. Sometimes, the barrels that are blocking the way to BFG interrupt my vertical aiming at arena. But it's not a big deal, actually.

MAP02: It somehow reminds me judas23 with less columns and lower heights.

MAP03: I'm not sure, but I can see the layout of SSL here. The only one thing I didn't like was placing MegaArmor and BFG9000 at the same spot. I usually place powerful items seperately in DM maps.

MAP04: I'm not a big fan of SHAWN2 texture room. And rooms are little bit huge for duel match. Perhaps you can adjust the overall size of areas. Still, I think it fits for more than 4 players.

MAP05: I love the layout of this map. A perfect size and layout for duel match. At first, the exit door was broken. Later I realized that I need to press the button in order to open the exit door.

MAP06: Modified version of E1M2, and I'm a huge fan of E1 Deathmatch. One thing I want to know is the location of exit button.

MAP07: Simple circular arena style. I think GRAY7 and ICKWALL1 textures are little bit out of place.

MAP08: Another circular arena with cross shaped structure. Not bad, but could be better.

MAP09: At first, I beat the game without SSG since I couldn't find that one. I don't know why, honestly. Still, this kind of layout is my favorite for duel.

MAP10: Spiral-shaped layout with fine environment. Simple, but basic for duel.

Overall, great job for making vanilla doom style DM maps. :)

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Thanks a lot for the feedback, antares! I'll take your points into account and do a little re-shaping before release. These kinds of comments help a great deal :)

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