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a Wolfendoom Map for GZDoom

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This little Wolfendoom map was designed for GZDoom (I guess ZDoom too.) Anyways, it's a small map containing only 54 enemies. It's fairly linear, contains some 3d floors and slopes, nothing particularly innovative or new but fun nonetheless.


The Story: The villainous Nazis have been conducting experiments at a facility called the Station. You have been sent to infiltrate the facility and kill all hostiles. Rumour has it that the base has been used for a variety of Occult rituals, which include summoning Demons...


I guess it's sort of a horror / comedy theme. Anyways, here it is. Good luck.


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The secret to killing the cyberdemon in this cramped layout is to shoot it with the BFG through the 3D floor, when you're above it.

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That was my idea of a joke. I originally had it down as 'Danger Explosives' but realized hey this was funnier.

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I had a ton of fun playing this map! Good momentary comedy, good level design, good thing placement! A nicely textured level; short and sweet. Everything was just right.

Great job Voltcom!

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