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Doom Decorate - Normal Object bounce off walls?

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Hey, first time posting here abiut Doom editing :D

So I've started creating a little mod in which you have a gun thats meant to push specific objects around. These objects therefor have low mass and the gun alot of kickback. The problem is, that they get stuck to walls and wont move (Like when dooms enemies hit a wall from the kickback) and that I can't get a bounce to work. This object isnt a missile or projectile of any kind. I just want it to bounce, once it hits a wall. Is this possible using just decorate? Or would I need to get into ACS scripting for this to happen?

Anyway, here is what I've got:

ACTOR Leaf replaces ZombieMan
PushFactor 0.06
BounceType Hexen
Mass 6
Radius 4
Height 5



Thanks :)

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Noisyvelvet coded the decorate portion of these two creatures that I drew up, which both have two different types bouncing missiles. I'm no programmer, but the code looks well commented in there, maybe you'll figure it out from looking at it.

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There are bouncing objects (such as a baseball) in Action Doom II, though I don't remember if it's pushable or if it just move away when attacked.

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