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[REQUEST] logo patch

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I know it's not much of an editing question but rather a small request. I wanted to ask if someone could make a logo out of my name? I mean for a doom texutre that can fit 128 wall. I'm sorry if it sounds lazy, I can assure you I'm not. I have no idea how to do it honestly and I'm not much of an artist. I recently played CC2 and came across something similar in boris's map29. I'm finishing my map for DMP2015 and I thought it could be cool to include a little easter egg like that. Again I apologize if it sound lazy, I'm really not.

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If you will give me a 100 dollars I will make for you what ever you want...
But because I'm friendly guy and like to help I will do it for you for free hahaha Just Kidding... if you want something special let me know in Private Message... anyway I will do for you a nice Logo

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