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After making my map12 for Swift Death, I began to create a new map, called Toxikka. I didn't think that this map would become so big. This map uses only Doom2 texture stock, excepted the blue sky. Certains moments are pretty challenging, especially the final battle hehe :) It's possible that I make another map like this one.

DL => http://www.mediafire.com/download/7du4yf5i7cajbsz/toxikka-beta2.zip

Btw, I have a strange bug in the sector 136, It's like a invisible obstacle, somebody knows about what is this?

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I noticed there are 2 mancubus marked in "deaf", in voodoo dolls areas. Also, the max is impossible for the moment.

Thanks memfis, i'm going four FDA, I guess why you chose this name x)

Edit, I seen your FDA, effectivly, I didn't think that the player can open the door from behind, via the secret zone. I think that you will know to survive if you activated the BFG pillar, it was just a W1 action x) And if the revenant didn't kill you, there was a megasphere on your way :P

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very cool map. it's like swift death++

standout moments for me include the start (which is so much easier if you realize you can grab the PG without consequence), the secret that lets you approach a fight from the other (more advantageous) side, and the confusing as hell big fight after the HK/baron RL-fest. The caco/rev teles there were rather disorienting. Only minor complaint might be some of the perched enemies could be a burden to kill and aren't too threatening (waterfall imps, misc hitscanner balconies), but I'm damn-near the last person who deserves to complain about that :p

looks really good too, and like quite some time was spent on the zimmery natural detailing

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Gustavo6046 said:

Too fucking hard for me! I didn't do any far and I were immediately smitten by the start!

Choose ITYTD as skill level, the map is effectivly hard, see challenging. Myself I prefer to play in HMP, because I sometimes feel frustrating to die silly in the beginning.

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