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Tracker Music?

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I am wondering if any of you use trackers to make music for your wads. I am going to use MilkyTracker or whatever for music of a future Doom wad that will take at least some advantage of Doom Retro's features. The music will be converted to Ogg and looped. The music will be a combination of chiptune (usually Turbografx style) and modern instruments (mostly GUS patches from freepats and samples from the OLPC library). What do you think about using trackers for Doom music?

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I do like the callout of tracker modules in particular, as it strikes an awesome balance between sound and filesize that makes 'em a perfect fit IMO for technically advanced (i.e. ZDoomy) wads.

I'm biased though, I guess, since I write them. :P

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Doom Retro can use modules with libmilkmod2 from the Doom Retro github page. I thing PrBoom+ and Crispy Doom can also use them with libmilkmod2. I tested the lumps, and the sound really good.

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