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Could Doom Retro be better than PrBoom+/GlBoom?

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Ever since Doom Retro became Boom-copatible, it seems to be superior to PrBoom+. Doom Run wads for PrBoom+ such as Valiant and Deus Vult just fine. I wonder if Doom Retro might be the new PrBoom+. What I like about Doom Retro is that it does not add features to Doom but rather redefines Doom. I'm fine with Chocolate Doom, but ZDoom, GZDoom, etc. seem too modern. Doom Retro is just right.

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Source port "versus" source port discussions aren't always useful. Prboom+ has a LOT of stuff to offer that Doom Retro does not, for example, compatibility options and perfect demo support. And it's more customizable I believe. It's also super optimized and portable.

Personally I got sick of prboom+ because I realized that there is no option to get rid of infinitely tall actors. And the software renderer was total crap before some changes. It still had the precision loss thingy that resulted in angle glitches, dafuq, it was friggin 2014. I don't like that clusterfuck of options that prboom+, eternity etc have. It also forces me to press ESC each time for no reason and screwes up in Windows with alt-tab or alt-enter handling (the ALT key gets stuck) the alternative fullscreen HUD (from BOOM?) is disgusting, too.

Doom Retro is the bomb since the uncapped framerate and Boom support. Looks so much better with the integrated brightmaps, the fixed sprite offsets the liquids and the grittiness. And the widescreen support.

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