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Possible Issue with Doom builder 2 that I can't find help with

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So I understand this is my first post on these forums, and I won't JUST be using the forums for issues I have, but this is a serious one, and I've seen other people having this same problem but no answers at all...

My doom builder 2 program has worked GREAT for a few months until suddenly it starts crashing all the time. The error message is that I don't have JIT debugging enabled? someone said maybe its my net framework, so I tried repairing it, updating the latest version, uninstalling and reinstalling....I've tried uninstalling doom builder, reinstalling it, scanning my computer for viruses...It still crashes.

My graphics card isn't the problem, so we can all refrain from throwing that idea up...It's just really disheartening because I have a megawad in the making that i've put countless hours of work into, and I really want to finish it..If anyone has any ideas as to what this is, please let me know


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First you need to answer these questions before we can try to help you:
Have you tried it on other computers?
What are your specs on the PC it doesn't work on and any other specs if you have tried it on others?
What's contained within the WAD which may or may not make it crash?
What are you doing when it crashes?

There are most likely more specific questions to be asked but those are the general ones to narrow it down.

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I'm using a texture WAD from "Doom 2: Plutonia Experiment", but it literally crashes as soon as I either open up one of my maps, or start a new map, regardless of the resources being used...

As far as trying it on another computer, I should probably go do that now..

As far as specs, what exactly do you need to know? type of processor? I have a 3.40GHZ processor with 8 gigs of RAM

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SkwisgaarScampini said:

As far as specs, what exactly do you need to know? type of processor? I have a 3.40GHZ processor with 8 gigs of RAM

What about operating system?

There was an issue with a recent Windows 7 update which made DB2 stop working for many people, but another Windows 7 update released soon after fixed it again.

If your issue persists, you can try downloading and using GZDoom Builder instead (it's another editor, not a DB2 addon). Doom Builder 2 is no longer maintained, while GZDoom Builder is, and offers everything DB2 does plus more.

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DMGUYDZ64 said:

Try the older version of Doom Builder , it's v1.68 if i remember .

That's like recommending someone to use Windows 95.

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