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Update: Map09 Ver14

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Update to FreeDoom Map09 (Doom2/Boom version)

The link or URL you must send to the recipient(s) of your file(s) is:
The file(s) that can be retrieved with the above link is (are):
johnson_map09_14.zip (201.082 KB)
The file(s) will be available on the server for the next 10 days.

Improved key cabinets in mine chief office.
Moved some health so it does not get picked up through wall.
Simplified some of the back mine passages, less cave.
Moved two mine shafts farther apart.
Moved air shaft farther from main shaft.
Added more trigger linedefs for pump sounds.
Removed the cave blue-orb health secret.
Made the cave entrance a known mine adit, and air shaft. Made it more
direct, with the intention of reducing the map size.
Combined some cave areas into one, and made it a better fight in the
passages to this mine adit. A direct fight with the revenant in the dark
can be nasty, but is avoidable in several ways.
Made better use of the rock layer theme.
Fixed a wall display error next to a light, due to a persistant blockmap
processing error of a very short linedef attached to a long linedef,
by splitting the long linedef.
Some minor object moves.
Changed mercury lamps in office space to other lamps, due to sprite change.

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