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DelphiStrife v1.1.4 Alpha release

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DelphiStrife v1.1.4 Alpha has been released.
DelphiStrife is a source port of Strife based on DelphiDoom v1.1.4 and on Chocolate Strife v2.2.1

Most notable features:

  • Limit removing engine.
  • Frame interpolation to exceed the build-in 35Hz TICRATE.
  • Multithreading software rendering (up to 16 logical CPUs).
  • Advanced 32 bit color software renderer supporting external textures, voxels and dynamic lights.
  • Post processing effect to eliminate zaxisshift distortion in software rendering modes.
  • OpenGL renderer supporting external textures, voxels, dynamic lights (ZDOOM definitions) and MD2 models.
  • Automap rotation and overlay.
  • External MP3 music inside external PAK/PK3/ZIP files.
  • WAV files for voices and sound effects inside WADs.
  • Support for teasers demos v1.0 & 1.1

System requirements:
  • Windows 32/64 bit Operating System (XP or greater should be OK).
  • 512MB Ram.
  • A modern PC with at least 4 logical CPUs is recommented for Full-HD true color software rendering.

ToDO list:
  • Eliminate possible bugs.
  • Testing with registered version(s), so far tests have been performed only with the two teaser demos.
  • Light definitions for the software renderer.
  • Editing examples demostrating custom actor definition and Boom features.
  • Merge with DelphiDoom's codebase.
Download link at Sourceforge

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Gez said:

Interesting. Have you thought about integrating stuff from the Strife VE codebase?

(Also, unrelated, but while you're here: would you be interested in helping the Doom Wiki article on DelphiDoom be less empty?)

Currently I'm using SVE codebase to correct the original engine's bugs. Support for SVE.WAD is not in my future plans, even though I'm very impressed by the visual output of the KEX2 renderer. (Considering that the DelphiDoom's OpenGL renderer is very basic and a bit neglected)

About wiki, I'd be glad to help expanding the article as soon as possible.

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