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Explosion effect?

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So yes, i got map spots, and everything i need for this. Yeah, how to spawn explosions then make a sector tagged with 9 become white entirely slowly?

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Use SpawnSpot (from within a script) to spawn an explosion actor. As far as I know, there is no default explosion actor, so you will have to define it in DECORATE first. The DECORATE definition would look like this:

actor MyExplosion {
  +NOGRAVITY                                // Remove this line if you want the explosion to fall down
    TNT1 A 0
    TNT1 A 0 A_PlaySound("weapons/rocklx")
    MISL BC 10 Bright
    MISL D 10 Bright A_Explode              // Remove A_Explode if you don't want the explosion to cause splash damage
As for turning the sector white, you can lower its brightness and use Sector_SetFade. If you want to do it gradually, use Light_Fade for the brightness change and repeatedly called Sector_SetFade for the white fog.

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