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Some WW2 battleship sprites I created

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These are the custom battleship sprites that I made for a game called NavyFIELD. I used Google SketchUp for 3D modeling, and Adobe Photoshop for 2D sprite work. The design of every battleships are made-up by myself, based on the actual battleships of each nations during the World War 2 era. The battleship of USA one is based on the Iowa class, and the cancelled Montana class, for example.

USA - United States Navy : Connecticut

Great Britain - Royal Navy : HMS Leviathan

Germany - Kriegsmarine : Merkur-45 Alpha

Japan - Imperial Japanese Navy : Echizen

France - Marine Nationale : Flandre

USSR - Soviet Navy : Project 23MR Kursk

Italy - Regia Marina : Vittorio Emanuele II

An example of actual ingame sprite, showing the full 360-degree. One sprite image for each 10 degrees.

Ingame Screenshot of german battleship, fully armed with its armaments.

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