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help me.. file size bloated

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my wad.. yes my wad. i checked how many size it was, 52 MB (holy nuts more than doom2.wad), someone help me i think im adding way too much lumps im way too creative.. should i slow down and delete some of the lumps? and there's only 6 maps right now, i think i'm doing something bad. i feel embarrased because no one likes 52 mb wads or higher..

edit #1 holy shit i removed the edited baron of hell sprites and the filesize is now 39mb i think im doing it right

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mrthejoshmon said:

Guess says sounds or music files are bloating your wad.

Or really high res images.

hehe, mp3 songs. i should change them to ogg. also there is only 1 high res image, and that is a water texture.

holy shit that method works

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