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Texture, sound and music replacements/train maps

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I'm looking for something that will make Doom darker atmosphere wise and I like train maps because the cramped space goes along with Brutal Doom so well and I never get lost in them. So far I played TVR, Phobos Anomaly Revisited and Runaway Train.

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alt.wad MAP 05

edit: oh, ok, I didn't think this through =P that map takes you all around a train station but not actually inside the carriages, sorry

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MegaSphere said:

Texture [...] music replacements

Such mods are rare for an obvious reason: They have to be accustomized to particular wads, typically either the IWADs or new maps specifically made for them, otherwise they'd be just random collections of resources, not much useful for a player who wants to "experience" them, unless he doesn't mind randomness / potential unfitting-ness of the textures/music to the maps he plays.

I have made this one, though - maybe that would fit your demand. It surely makes Doom darker, and perhaps even atmosphere wise.

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