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Question about editing GZDoom's old renderer

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By "old renderer", I specifically mean the one GLOOME reverted to.

I want square units, as well as no perspective distortion, so I'd like to change the projection to be 1:1.

I remember Nash did this a while back in his own fork (a single line change), but I don't know where he hosts his code and he's not online very often for me to ask on Steam.

I've searched the files for ".83" and "1.2" hoping to find it, with no luck.

EDIT: I think this might be it...

"setPerspective(fovy, ratio, 5.f, 65536.f);"

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No, I just want it to not stretch the projection vertically. One can half-assedly get this result by forcing "4:3" ratio in an 8:5 resolution.

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Nash said:

The code that renders the pixels to the screen, and the one that draws the models are separate.

You can try this yourself. To get the renderer to draw 1:1 pixels in the viewport, open gl_scene.cpp, look for #define RMUL (1.6f/1.333333f) and change it to #define RMUL (1.0f)

Now you will have 1:1 scaling in the 3-d view, but the models are still being squashed vertically in gl_models.h unless you apply that change I mentioned a few posts back... OR apply 1.2 Z scaling in the MODELDEF.

I chose to fix it in the source (gl_models.h) so that I don't have to apply this 1.2 Z scaling to every actor I define (in other words, leave out the "Scale" property from MODELDEF entirely)

For generalized gzdoom.exe modding however, we don't have the luxury of modified source, so there is no other choice but to use the MODELDEF fix.

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