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Enable cheats in my multiplayer server?

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I host a server with friends, I want to enable sv_cheats, But how do i enable it if were playing cooperative?, I enable sv_cheats 1 on console, It says it will be changed for next game, We beat the game, Not working. Any way to get it to work? Launch parameters?

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Have you tried restarting the game again?
Also, whats the name of your server? What program do you use to host it?
Why would you want cheats?

Did you say "beat the level" or "restarted the level"? That could be the problem.
Or maybe everyone else must also enable sv_cheats too.

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Make sure you're logged in to RCON By :
* send_password "your RCON Password"
Then type :
* rcon sv_cheats "true"
Then type this to move to next game :
* rcon map "mapname"

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