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Doom Beta FM Music

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Heretic/Hexen FM Patch (GENMIDI) makes doom music to sound very close to beta version.

Patched Chocolate Doom with DMX OPL emulation from press release beta:
Windows binary:
GitHub repository:
Added Doom Beta DMX emulation.
Replaced DOSBox OPL3 core with Nuked OPL3 core.

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So, I don't know if I understand correctly... you are using the same presets from Heretic\Hexen?

I liked, sounds very close to the original, but with smoother "guitars".

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Are you implying one only needs the GENMIDI lump from Heretic or Hexen to get these results?

EDIT: E2M2 sounds pretty badass with the Heretic GENMIDI.

EDIT 2: Indeed OP, very nice find.

EDIT 3: For some reason under GZDoom, the Heretic GENMIDI isn't being loaded when loading it for Doom 2.

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