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Super Duper Doom

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There is this mod for Quake called Super Duper Quake.
It replaces the levels with new ones, usually arena style.
It also adds new monsters, crazy ones that is... Yes there is a Cyberdemon.
It adds many new weapons to Quake.
The story seems to be like this:
You are Duke Nukem, and Quake has just unleashed a massive invasion, and you have to fight it.

Oh, it also features that random one-liner thing from Duke Nukem 3D, like "your face your ass. What's the difference?", "Ooh, that's got to hurt." and so on.

it is technically made for co-op gameplay.

No, its not a Terry-related mod, because you can win the game with it.
You can find it on here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/bondos-superduper-quake-25

Is it possible to create such a crazy mod on id Tech 1 with some limitations? Is someone working on one?

No, the mod isn't absurd. It kind of like the Brutal Doom of Quake. It is immensely fun.

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If is kind of like brutal doom for Quake then of course it is possible in the Doom engine. We already have Brutal Doom for Doom. New maps, monsters, weapons and sounds have all been done many times before.

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