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MRAndom sprite replacements and a vanilla (human) map

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I was inspired by this thing to make a bunch of random graphic replacements. But once I did, I couldn't help but came up with a story and I end up making a map too.

The Story:


After finding out about a social justice debate taking place, you and some of your bros decided to attend it and crush the feminazis with logic. tear them apart into shreds with rationality. Pretty much grind them into fine powder with realism. Rip out their intenstines and... yeah. Defeat them in a debate, basically.

You entered the meeting without issues, but in the middle of the debate, you sensed the presence of copulins in the air! You took a look around and saw that almost all men in the room already turned into white knights! Facing the overwhelming opposition, you escaped through the window, leaving the betas inside to be drugged and turned into mindless zombie slaves. Talking time is over. Now the real battle begins.


So now you have this, a solid vanilla level with a silly backstory and some new sprites.

Idgames link
Mapslot MAP11.
Also has string replacements.
If your port supports the DEHACKED lump you don't need to load the .deh file.

My best time for the map is 02:01, but I don't have it recorded. The WAD includes 3 failed demo attempts, with the third one spoiling the dumbbell secret.

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Linedef tag 14, W1 LowerFloorToLowestAdjacentFloor works for the off-map monster closets, but not for the Hell Knight pit in the room up ahead. You need another W1 LowerFloorToHighestAdjacentFloor for that. Otherwise, an okay map to pass the time.

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