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Ammm, Infighting?

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Chances are it won't, but it'd still be pretty cool. Honestly I don't mind whether they implement it or not.

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Azuruish said:

In Doom 3 i was really disappointed by absence of infighting in game.

Doom 3 has infighting (higher ranked monsters can target lower ranked ones), it's just harder to trigger, plus the game almost always makes you encounter enemies 1 by 1, so it's rare to see.

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Dude. There is infighting. Its just the player decided to kill them.

The following are from the Gamespot reveals
On the industrial level, 1:22-Imp tries to slash the zombie guy... Too late!
And on 2:41- Zombie turns towards the Imp that hit him (I could be wrong about this one).

And Hell reveal? Again, the player was just killing them, so no time for the monsters to have infights.
Plus, if time was given, then at 4:25, the Hell Knight and Revenant would've fought each other.

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raymoohawk said:

i sure hope it has it, i would be really dissapointed otherwise (but would still play)

It has.
My guts say so!

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There was indeed infighting in Doom 3, as mentioned already, for example if an Imp inadvertently scolded a Revenant's bony butt, it would turn around and that knock that clumsy Imp out. And in Doom 4, infighting still occurs as glimpsed in the demonstration. Although most of the time the player will be reducing monsters into jello.

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