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GMP1 - Gentlemen with Rocket Launchers

How much did you liked my tracks?  

8 members have voted

  1. 1. How much did you liked my tracks?

    • Nice work, yo! Rock on!
    • Meh, you can improve but good for a starter.
    • Seriously? I though you were better. You can learn!
    • I don't know.
    • Did you really have to post that?

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GMP - short for Gustavo's Midi Pack - is a non-copyright-infringing, homebrew music pack made by myself at Anvil Studio. I do every two weeks release a new GMP, and they are always at CC-BY.

This one is called "Gentlemen with Rocket Launchers" as depicted in the title, and features a set of four MIDIs:
- Bertha Down (no. 1)
- Utter Destructor (no. 2)
- Accurate Lantern Fire (no. 3)
- All Cool Blood (no. 4)

All them can be downloaded separately.
Track 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

The entire package can be downloaded here.
Use these tracks and Have a Good Day!

*Please note they are amateurish tracks of me learning to do compositions, and mastering Anvil Studio.

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Sorry for the double-post, but this was completely unrelated to the topic of the original post. Also it's a question, not a normal post.

Any tips in making great music, relative to what I do?

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Perhaps you could save these to Soundcloud.com for listening online? They're small files, but it's way more convenient to just listen stuff before downloading them on your PC, finding the files and then playing them.

Also, tips to make "great music" are mostly just about a lot of practice. Then there's of course the study on the tones and sounds that affect or create certain types of moods. Also, you need to learn how composing works so you're not just ending up mashing things together, music has to flow nicely. Don't forget to listen a lot of music and perhaps try remaking some cool tracks from games (making a cover). Start from something simple and then move on to more complicated things.

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Gustavo6046 said:

Thast is some very good advice! I can't wait to try d_e1m1.mid in Anvil Studio.

Btw is there some better MIDI composer?

Not sure about MIDI composers, but ReNoise is pretty good software for making music, it's a tracker. It's not free though, but it's cheap.

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Good software, I guess. But I just discovered... I stickied to the simple Anvil Studio!
- Give it a try, you'll love it. Simple enough for a child like... i don't know to make simple musics.

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To be blunt... do you actually know anything about composing music or play any instruments or anything? Although the track 'allcool' had a nice drum groove at the start, literally everything else just seemed like random noises mashed together.

I don't think anyone can expect to make good midi music without being a legit musician.

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