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NOVA 2 Demos [-complevel 2]

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Just one more for now, but will definitely return to this.


Map 10 UV-Max in 7:03 (-cl9 was used because the soulsphere secret couldn't be opened in -cl2)


A very neat-looking map with balanced gameplay, containing numerous Arch-Viles to keep the player on their toes. Very satisfied with how this turned out considering my pre-recorded best time was 7:32.



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Hey guys,


Would anyone be interested in making a demo on UV for Maps 26 and 32? I'm having troubles beating them on UV without saves. Don't know if you're supposed to ask such a question, especially since these are very hard maps, I'd be willing to do something in return anyways, playtest maps or whatever.


Thanks in advance, /Waverider

Edited by waverider

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^ would also love to see a max for 26. 32 is super long and tedious though & i'm still bloody impressed Demon of the well and Veinen had the patience to max it back in the Beta phase.

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I think there's a demo request thread somewhere, but it may or may not be a better place than right in this thread.

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I have been hard at work UV-Maxing the second half of this. Here you go.


Map 16 UV-Max in 2:38

Map 17 UV-Max in 8:22

Map 18 UV-Max in 4:34

Map 19 UV-Max in 8:34

Map 20 UV-Max in 12:42

Map 21 UV-Max in 2:31

Map 22 UV-Max in 8:32 (-complevel 9 used)

Map 23 UV-Max in 7:08

Map 24 UV-Max in 7:21

Map 25 UV-Max in 10:52

Map 26 UV-Max in 13:34

Map 27 UV-Max in 3:10

Map 28 UV-Max in 4:20

Map 30 UV-Max in 3:06


29 was done a while back, for those wondering why it isn't there.



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