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Complex and symmetric architecture in gzdoom builder

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Is it possible to "flip" the selection or similar things in gzdoom builder. I'm working on a rather large area with very complex architecture, and without the ability to flip selection manually I fear it will take too long to complete...

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Yes, there are "Flip Selection Horizontally" and "Flip Selection Vertically" buttons, available on the right side of the top panel only when you are working in "Selection mode". To enter this mode, either select *something* and hit "E" key, or paste *something* after copying it via Ctrl+C beforehand ("Selection mode" is entered by default after pasting).

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You can also rotate a selection by holding one of the corner points and dragging it, and of course resize a selection by holding/dragging one of the top/bottom/left/right boundary points (just not the corner ones, because those are for rotating).

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